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22.07.2021 16:43 #48696 : juppe
Örkit kirjoittanut juppe
The gods bear almost always the impress of the
character of their followers and of those over whom
they rule, and what other nation has ever given
such proofs of undaunted courage as the Finns or
Finlanders 1 Pirates on the Baltic, as the Scandi-
navians were pirates on the ocean, they shared with
them the booty that could be gotten in all the
Northern seas. They had originally come from the
high table-lands of Asia, together with their brethren
the Turks, the Mongols, and the Tartars ; their first
appearance was made under the name of Ugorians
or Ogres, and surely the Ogres have made a lasting
and a terrible impression on our popular tales!


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